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Are you already an early bird or do you still have to convince and torture yourself out of bed in the morning and jump straight into your running gear? Especially those who train according to a training plan sometimes have challenges to work through the given units. Time and again, private appointments come in between, block the evening or long working hours and the only option left is to slip into your running shoes in the morning. Unimaginable for you? Below we give you a few good reasons to give it a try anyway. It’s worth it, because running in the morning works wonders, I promise!

run actively in the morning into the day

1. Enjoy the peace and quiet

You can’t believe how quiet it can be in the morning hours, even in the big city there is this calm. Everything wakes up and you in the middle of it all. Plus, you’ll be less distracted because generally fewer people will write or call you at this early hour. The best thing to do is just leave your cell phone at home and devote your full attention to yourself and your run. In between or before the run, breathe in and out vigorously a few times, hear the noises and feel into your body. You will feel how good Me-Time is doing you.

2. Explore nature

Go for a run in the country, nature has a calming effect on people and gives you strength. For many it is a place of power, as trees, plants and meadows can actually have a healing effect on the human body. As a whole, the air is much fresher, cooler and more pleasant, a great advantage especially in the summer months before the heat of the day sets in. Running in the park, forest or by the lake is especially worthwhile in the morning and you should experience it, even if you have to sacrifice a bit of sleep as a result. By the way, after a good night’s sleep you feel much more productive than in the evening after work. Daher achte trotzdem auf ausreichenden Schlaf.

early bird runs nature running

3. The feeling afterwards

Those who go running in the morning have a happier start to the day. It’s really like that. Just the feeling makes you proud of having done something that many of our fellow human beings can never even imagine in the beginning. There have been many studies showing that exercise in the morning, in particular, gives people more self-confidence and reduces depressive symptoms. The others will admire you. Do not you think? That is really the case too. For example, your colleagues in the coffee kitchen will admire you when you tell them about your morning adventure run. You will often hear: “I couldn’t do that.” Most of them stare at you with tired eyes, which gives you additional motivation. Be proud of yourself.

4. A lively start to the day

If you did sport in the morning, you are more energetic, in a good mood and full of energy. In addition, your circulation and metabolism are boosted. In this case, it is important that you move outside in the fresh air, because the oxygen supplies your cells with energy. You yourself are more energetic, stronger and can concentrate longer. A bad-tempered colleague is welcome to come, you will cope better with challenges with your positive mood.

early bird runs more energy

5. Summer is simply the best time of the day

In summer, ozone levels are still low in the mornings and exercise in the fresh air is good for you. This is the best way to start the day. A good mood is guaranteed. In acute heat, the morning hours are generally the best time for sport and exercise, but there are a few things to consider in the heat, you can read our tips here.

going for morning runs best time

6. Exercise sessions are rarely canceled in the morning

By the way, if you plan your runs in the morning hours and omit the snooze function, there is seldom anything to prevent a run. In the evening hours there are often appointments in between or you have to work longer, for example, so that the planned unit often fails quickly. The resolution to go for a run after work becomes a challenge again and again during the day, for example when friends ask to go for a drink, the girlfriend would much rather go to the cinema or the colleagues arrange to meet at the next after-work party. Therefore, always tick off To Do’s in the morning.

Run in the morning, a few tips to ensure that it works in the future

So that running as an early bird also works in the future, we give you a few tips below to make it easier for you. Because all the reasons that speak for it don’t necessarily make it easier to actually jump into your running shoes.

  • Put your running gear ready in the evening, preferably right next to the bed so that you can slip into the gear immediately.
  • Forget the snooze function of your mobile phone, that’s a no-go from now on! Much better to get up right away, you will literally feel the energy and it will become normal for you over time.
  • Have a glass of water, splash your face with cool water, and you’ll be awake.
  • Run on an empty stomach or not? Many morning athletes do without breakfast because of the lack of time and actually that’s not that bad. You should only have a small snack beforehand (juice spritzer/banana/small energy bar) for longer runs so that the energy supply does not come from amino acids. Keyword burning fat and empty glycogen stores
run before eating?
  • Always incorporate a short, gentle warm-up program into your morning run. The mobilizing movements make you relaxed and ready for the subsequent effort.
  • Start slowly, that is, don’t start the 15 km long run right away, the 5 km are enough. If it is very hard for you, it is not bad to go in between. You shouldn’t overwhelm yourself.
  • Run with music if it makes it easier for you. However, you will be less aware of nature and miss the sounds of the morning.
sporty with music
  • Don’t forget to smile. Every smile makes you happier. You might run into other runners who smile back. That feels good.

A sporty start to the day

We hope that these tips will help you start your day better in the future. In the future, take time in the morning for yourself, your body and your health. Find your personal morning routine to start the day with lots of positive energy. Eine gesunde Ernährung gehört übrigens dazu. Solltest du weitere Tipps haben, schreib uns. But now we wish you a nice next run in the morning.

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