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Home of the Triathlon

Challenge Roth – the largest triathlon in Germany with around 4,000 starts and half a million spectators. Goosebumps are guaranteed here! The Challenge Roth attracts thousands of athletes, spectators, fans and helpers year after year. Once you have been drawn into the Roth spell, it will not be so easy to get out!

Swimming start on the Main-Danube Canal

6.30 a.m. – start of the professionals. The sun rises over the canal, the starting music sounds, hot air balloons rise into the air – more goose bumps are not possible. On the left side of the canal-spectators. On the right side of the canal-spectators. On the bridge over the canal-even more viewers. Start group for start group goes to the start line and everyone is cheered on tirelessly.

Swimming at Challenge Roth is not only something very special because of the great atmosphere. Despite swimming in the open water, most athletes feel very comfortable swimming in the canal, as in contrast to large lakes or even in the sea, you always have the security of being able to swim to the side in an emergency. In addition, the swimming course is particularly spectator-friendly, as you basically have the opportunity to watch your swimmer over the entire course.

Cycling on the world record track

Feel like the professionals for once – that is definitely possible on the bike course in Roth. The bike course goes over two laps, so most age group athletes are overtaken on their first lap by the professionals on their second lap. This means that everyone can cycle alongside the most experienced triathletes in the world!

Run to the stadium!

3.8km swim-check! 180km cycling-check!. Now another 42.2km run? Crazy. Even so, thousands of athletes compete the full Ironman distance every year. The running track in Roth was built just two years ago. First of all, Roth goes out to the canal where you run an up-and-down course. Then it goes back through the atmospheric nest at “Speck”, through Roth and then up to Büchenbach. The nasty thing is the vertical meters over the last ten kilometers, when the legs are heavy and the body is tired. Anyone who has familiarized themselves with the route or has already been to Roth, however, knows what to expect at the end of this ordeal. A stadium filled with 10,000 people who are happy, cheering and calling out to you. The feeling of walking into this stadium and experiencing this incredible atmosphere cannot be described in words. Anyone who is lucky enough to enjoy this moment will not forget it in their entire life.

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