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They train hard, give everything and sometimes even become world champions – but most athletes often hardly know anyone. If you are not a professional footballer or a successful tennis player, it is difficult to appear in the media and to achieve a certain level of awareness as an athlete. For athletes from fringe sports in particular, it is almost impossible to position themselves as athletes outside of the classic club structures and to build up a fan base. The simple, fast and social communication options that result from the use of social media play a decisive role in the fast and automated way for many people, especially for the sports market and the associated players such as amateur athletes, professional athletes, clubs, associations and commercial providers to address that you would not be able to reach in a direct way.

This is exactly where SportVita comes in: The SportVita app is a unique sports community platform that connects and networks athletes across all sports. The vision of SportVita is to translate the classic “analog” club and sports network into the social web and thus to offer all athletes a global and social sports network that focuses on the athletes themselves and their sporting successes.

SportVita is aimed at all athletes and sports enthusiasts: At athletes, players and competitors. To sponsors, clubs and sports associations. But also to parents, fans, friends and members. From beginners and amateur athletes to professional athletes. Across all ages and sports. No matter whether you are looking for teammates, want to be discovered or proudly present your successes, exchange ideas, want to be there for your fans or are looking for a sparring partner for more motivation. SportVita gives every athlete a digital home.

Digitization in sport: The most important thing is to convince many people of the idea of ​​the athletes’ platform in a short time and to get them to participate, because then something great will emerge.

That is why we have entered into a cooperation with Tuesday.Sport, the IT service company of the Bavarian State Sports Association. We first solve the most pressing problems of the sports clubs, which the BLSV has identified through studies and surveys, in partnership. This creates new solutions for 4.6 million members that the BLSV in Bavaria alone can reach with it. There are another 15 state sports associations in Germany that are also offered this solution. Internationalization to other European countries is the next logical step.

This opens the door for SportVita to become THE social network in sport!

Every user of a club can use the association communication solution, which can only be used to a limited extent within a club community and is distributed by the sports association, free of charge and with very little effort, and can thus also communicate with athletes outside of its club community and network across clubs. This added value is increased by additional functions that only SportVita offers. That brings us many new SportVita users! We build on that.

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