Idea to Startup Story

SportVita was founded in April 2018 with the aim of promoting digitalization in sport and thus getting more people of all ages to participate in sport and also to inspire passionate sport enthusiasts digitally. SportVita stands for the new level of digitalization in sport.

The problem: There are no offers that view sport holistically.

Many fail because of questions like: “Which sport is suitable for me at all?”, “Which sports clubs are there in my area?”, “Who else does this sport and can answer other questions?” – many people just want to know how their idol trains and what leads to which results, others want to get to know other players better or share their own successes. Even the search for training partners at a comparable level is difficult.

In the business world it is common practice to advertise with special skills, to exchange ideas with others or to network with supporters or organizations.

The solution: with SportVita we are now finally creating the possibility of social networking for athletes as well. No matter whether you are looking for teammates, want to be discovered or proudly present your successes, exchange ideas or want to be there for your fans or are looking for a sparring partner for more motivation.

SportVita is the sport adventure world for athletes – your sport, your life, your community!

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