Ironman 70.3 Kraichgau


On June 2nd the Ironman 70.3 took place again in the beautiful Kraichgau. As in previous years, this time it was again a real heat battle. At temperatures around 30 degrees in the shade, without a single cloud in the sky, the athletes fought their way to the finish.

The day before

Before you can compete, you must first take care of your starting documents. At most events there is the possibility of picking them up one or two days in advance. First you should check whether the timing chip is in the starting bag, as it measures your own times in the race. You should also include your bib number, swimming cap, changing bag and, if necessary, a ribbon for the pasta party.
The day before Ironman 70.3, the Bundesliga starts in Kraichgau. To see this spectacle once is very interesting and motivating for your own start!

The nervousness increases, the tingling in the stomach gets stronger .. the day before the race most athletes get a little restless. Have I thought of everything? Am i really fit enough? These and other questions probably concern everyone who takes part in a race.
Hundreds of athletes walking around the venue, checking in their bikes or standing in an endless line at the popular pasta party, can also throw you off your feet.
In Kraichgau there is a competition briefing for individual and relay starters the day before, with a huge buffet with pasta, salad or cake. It is advisable to not only to appear there for the food, because the competition briefing is essential for every participant and also a compulsory program!
The organizer explains all the important rules there, what you should observe and how exactly the routes run.
After the meeting, the individual starters went to the bike check-in. The relay cyclists only checked in their bikes in the morning on the day of the competition!


In contrast to many smaller competitions, with the “long edges” you don’t deposit your things directly on the bike. The only items on the bike may be shoes and a helmet (possibly sunglasses). The rest goes into the so-called changing bag, which you hand in at the changing bag tent when you check in the bike. It is important that the start number is stuck on the bag, as these are hung on a stand according to the number.
The same applies to the change from bike to run. You finish the respective discipline, look for your bag and supply yourself with your own utensils (clothes, food, cap, sunglasses, socks, etc.).

Competition day

Finally the time has come! All organizational things are done and the day has come when all the training will prove worthwhile.
Now it is time for: Get up early enough, eat enough food, drive to the starting point and then give everything!
Swimming in the Kraichgau is undoubtedly very pleasant. For a few years there has been a “rolling start”, which means that the starters are sorted according to swimming times, so that swimmers who swim at a similar speed are gradually let into the water in groups. Don’t worry, your time will only start when you have run over the time mat at the start.


After a long day, at some point it will finally be: Welcome to the finish line!
What is a bit mean in Kraichgau is that the running route goes over three laps and you pass the finish three times before you finally get to the finish channel yourself. When the time comes, however, you are all the more pleased. Everyone can be proud here!

You can especially look forward to the catering at the finish line while running. The organizer goes to great lengths every year so that nothing is left to be desired, from fruit, pretzels, sweet pastries to pizza, Maultaschen, Cola, non-alcoholic beer and more.
For those who find it a little difficult to run afterwards, there are countless masseurs available to ensure the well-being of the finishers.
Finally, the Ironman 70.3 Kraichgau was once again a huge success. The atmosphere was excellent and the athletes were overjoyed to be able to cross the finish line after such a heat race.

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