Products already in operation

The product, which is available now, offers communication options, a public and a club-internal athlete profile, the club search, the sports search, comprehensive data and youth protection options, surveys, a game that helps to get to know the other players better and Club and team functions. There is also a backend that makes it easier for the club to use. The solution, developed as a native application for smartphones, offers embedded apps that are constantly being expanded. We are working on calendar functions, tracking, nutritional advice and training plans, an SSI wallet, the search for sponsors and much more.

Protection of minors: Parents can manage their children’s profiles and gradually release rights as part of the introduction to digital media.

Data protection and self-determination: The athlete decides for himself with whom he wants to share data. What should not be shared remains protected – according to European standards.

Communication: a messenger for everyone. Is it used by an association with its own administration program to manage teams and events.

Profile pages: Your profile on the net. Shows what you are looking for, offer, can, plan and everything you want to share. Show your club the latest information – it sees what you release and does not save any data itself. Data protection has never been so easy. Share your most beautiful sports moments with the world, you’ve worked hard for them!

Club and sport search: Find your sport, find a club near you!

SSI Wallet: If you want, you can sign up to use a digital wallet. Then you can use the app to identify yourself without paper. A start permit, membership card, even a vaccination certificate or a test result are safe with it.

Confirmed identity: If you wish, a trust authority will check your profile so that we can identify it. So everyone knows that you really are you.

Gamification: Turn over 2 identical cards and find out who is in the picture. This works with profile information from your community and helps you get to know each other.

E-Commerce: One platform for everything to do with sports, with recommendations and payment functions.

The SportVita world of experience: a lot today – a lot more tomorrow!

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