Business model & sales

At the level of market development, the partnership with TUESDAY is a classic B2B model with a license and maintenance contract, consulting and additional development services. A special feature is the contractual regulation that allows TUESDAY to sell a white label product to all other German LSBs. This increases the range enormously and we can inspire more users who then also choose the SportVita solution.

We will only implement SaaS solutions with other B2B customers. Discussions are already ongoing.

Classic advertising: In-app advertising with CPC billing is a pillar of the financing of the free offer.

Affiliate Marketing: Here, a high level of customer benefit is combined with simple income opportunities.

Premium Memberships: With increasing customer benefits through valuable content, the interest in a premium membership also increases, which will offer exclusive advantages in addition to more functionality.

Competitive Intelligence Data: We help providers better understand customer needs

Data Based Campaigns: We help providers to reach the customers who are relevant.

Thanks to the smart and balanced combination of business models, we can adapt quickly and agilely to the requirements of the market and invest where the market reveals the best development opportunities. Distribution is carried out by the partner and is automated via the web. In addition to the network effect, we rely on well-known athletes and influencers as well as bonus models to open up the market. Since the association will reach 1 million athletes with the association solution by the end of 2021, we expect 100,000 active users of this solution at that time, of which 20% will certainly also use the SportVita solution. We will therefore experience an organic launch with 20,000 SportVita users at the end of 2021.

Investment Topics