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Data protection made easy

Ordinary chat apps offer little security, and data protection rules are in place that do not meet the increasing needs of the users. In most cases, there is also no ossibility of managing the communication with little effort. The SportVita app is different: It offers a solution for all structured communication in a closed environment, where it must be free and easy. With the rights levels of  control and the ideal flow of information based on roles. This avoids unnecessary information and information overload.

Unique User Profile

Each user has their own profile with their personal data, which they maintain themselves. This means that data is always up to date. Each user actively decides which data he shares with other users or groups and what he shares with whom, even for a limited time. If you want, you can publish your profile in whole or in part for your friends in the club. Since the association only accesses the released data, this also simplifies the legally correct handling of this data.

Safety first: Control with the central administrator console, data encryption and protection of minors

The app is easy to administer. Participants, rights and roles within the association are created centrally. With the youth protection function, the chats of the children are mirrored, parents can read along on their own smart phones. So all information arrives and possible bullying or harassment is recognizable.

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