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Digitalisation of Sports

Sports are of great socio-political importance. They convey values such as fairness, tolerance and community. Sport brings people together. SportVita brings together adapting new ideas, innovative technologies and solutions to sport.

Andreas Stein

50 years, computer scientist, idea generator, sales and partnerships, B2B and channels, sports affine, managing director.

Andreas develops the business model, markets to customers and partners and is the first point of contact for interested parties and investors.

Christian Bellerose

46 years, business management, management consultant with international experience with complex projects for large companies, SCRUM Master.

Christian is responsible for product development and finances.

Stefan Böhmer

54, Dipl. Designer, E-Commerce Manager (IHK), experience in marketing and in the implementation of shops and websites, managing director.

Stefan is responsible for all marketing-related tasks, he visualizes and developers all our customers expeirences.

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