Data Privacy

Privacy and data protection declaration for the SportVita apps from SportVita GmbH & Co. KG

With your consent after installing the app, the SportVita company will be provided with data for further processing that is currently managed by the club that invited you. This includes surname and first name, family name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, club member number and photos.

This information is then used exclusively by SportVita and in accordance with the GDPR to support you and your club with digital services. These digital services include sending club messages by club officers to members of the organization within the app, sharing profile information between club members, including team memberships inside and outside the organization, and creating individual and group chats inside and outside the organization, and conducting member surveys within the organization. As a user, you can restrict the exchange of data in order to share the information publicly or at club level.

You can use a profile picture within the app by uploading an existing photo or granting the app access to the camera to take a photo. When creating a group chat, you can also upload a photo or add a group chat photo using the camera. The camera is not used for any other purpose. This camera access can be withdrawn at any time in the system settings for the app.

Push notifications, which notify you of new chat messages, new club messages and new club invitations, are active by default in Android. You have to explicitly agree to this in iOS. On both platforms, you can mute or turn off the notifications in the settings.

You also have the option to update all of your personal information in the app, with the exception of your first and last name and your date of birth. To change this information, you will need to contact your club administration. Any updates you make will automatically be made available to those who are allowed to see your data based on your sharing preferences.

Data will not be passed on to third parties outside the club, unless you expressly allow this by specifying the release for ‘all’ in your data release settings. Even then, other users outside of your club can only view your data in the app. The default setting for data is that only members of your club administration can see the data. SportVita does not transfer any data to third parties outside of the app.

For underage members it is possible to switch off the chat function. By default, SportVita users outside of those authorized to work with young people cannot view the data of these members.

After your SportVita membership has ended, the data stored on the SportVita servers in Germany will be deleted upon request.