A cool challenge – sailing the international boat class 420


Are you already a sailor and looking for a sporting challenge? Then an easily manageable, fast ship with trapeze and spinnaker is just the thing for you. With a hull weight of 100 kg, a length of 4.20 meters, a width of 1.63 meters, a sail area close to the wind of 10.25 m² and a spinnaker with a sail area of 9.0 m², the ship is the little sister of the olympic 470s.

You can develop your sailing skills very well by practicing all courses as if you were sleeping. Find the opportunity to practice a circular course on your lake, i.e. luff up, drop off, turn and jibe. It is good if you first practice in a rather light wind, then you can soon make it in stronger winds. Familiarize yourself well with your ship and discuss all maneuvers with your fellow sailors.

Bring out a practice buoy and start off the course at half wind, luff on a close-hauled course, sail high upwind, fall back on a half-wind course, fall further on a downwind course, sail a butterfly on the downwind course, then jibe, continue on a downwind course, luff slightly and now sail again on course half wind, then it goes on closewind course to the starting point. When you do a turn you can sail the lap again.

As soon as you are sailing the circuit flawlessly, keep practicing and try a figure eight. Always concentrate on the trim of the sail and the ship. You will quickly notice when your ship is going faster and when you are reaching the optimal speed.

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